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Food allergy

The Difference between a Food Intolerance, Sensitivity, and Allergy

Foods and drinks don’t always react with our bodies in the best of ways. If your body is sensitive to

Debunking Natural Allergy Remedy Myths

Allergies interfere with your daily life and leave you feeling unlike yourself for days or weeks at a time. Many


How to Know If You Have Allergies vs a Sinus Infection

When you wake up with a stuffy nose, the first question that enters your mind is probably, “Why?” If you’ve

Woman with Allergies

Tips for Choosing the Right Allergy Specialist

Severe allergies can detract from your quality of life and make you absolutely miserable if left unchecked. Fortunately, high-quality care

Woman with Stomach Problems in Need of Holistic and Alternative Medicine in Arlington Heights IL

Things You Should Know about Food Sensitivities

Have you ever tried to eat a new food, only to realize later that you feel sick? Either allergies or

Woman Sneezing and in need of Holistic Medicine for Allergy in Arlington Heights IL

Top 4 Reasons to choose Integrative Medicines

Integrative medicine is becoming more popular as a way of treating a range of conditions because it takes a holistic

Woman with Allergies Outside Sneezing

Reasons Why You Should Choose Alternative Medicines

There are various benefits that can be gained by using alternative medicine to heal your ailment or condition. Here are some reasons to use alternative medicine.

Holistic Allergy Treatment

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine has gained in popularity over the last two decades because of its philosophy of treating the whole body

All You Should Know about Motion Sickness

You may have experienced motion sickness, also known as becoming seasick or carsick or having vertigo. You may have been

Welcome to Indoor Allergy Season Pt. 2: Pet Hair and Dust Mites

In our first installment of our Indoor Allergy Season series we discussed some symptoms of and solutions for mold and