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Woman blowing nose with snowy backdrop

Reducing the Effect of Winter Allergies

Winter can mean a lot of different things, but for allergy sufferers, the best part of winter is that there’s

Woman next to flower blossoms wiping nose

What Makes Your Seasonal Allergies Worse

The sneezing, the itching, the dry and burning eyes! There’s nothing quite like allergy season! Unfortunately, for some people, taking

Lungwort plant with purple and blue flowers

6 Best Herbs to Protect Your Respiratory System

Our lungs never rest. They keep life-giving oxygen flowing into our bodies while expelling carbon dioxide in a rhythmic exchange

Woman in bed yawning and rubbing eyes

Tips to Improve Your Sleep Health Without Prescription Medication

Everyone experiences sleep disruptions in different ways. Maybe you can fall asleep easily, but wake up constantly throughout the night.

Woman with asthma using an inhaler

Fragrance Sensitivity and Asthma: Is There A Link?

People with Asthma are well aware that there are many things they need to avoid, but it may have never

Seasonal allergy symptoms

Things You Need to Know about Seasonal Allergies

Many people suffer from allergies, particularly during the spring and fall. A runny nose, sore throat, ear infection, eye irritation,

Eucalyptus oil

Natural Remedies for Grass and Ragweed Allergies

Each and every year, millions of people prepare for the onset of their seasonal allergies. They head to the drugstore

Sitting under Umbrella

Ways to Protect Yourself from the Sun

Everyone knows that the sun’s rays can be harmful. Our days of laying out in the sun covered in baby

Food allergy

The Difference between a Food Intolerance, Sensitivity, and Allergy

Foods and drinks don’t always react with our bodies in the best of ways. If your body is sensitive to

Debunking Natural Allergy Remedy Myths

Allergies interfere with your daily life and leave you feeling unlike yourself for days or weeks at a time. Many