Spotting Hidden Holiday Food Allergens

The holidays can be challenging for people who have food allergies. With food being the focus of many holiday gatherings, you might be worried about eating the wrong thing. Instead of avoiding delicious-looking foods because you’re afraid they may contain allergens, the key to spotting them is knowing the common allergens found in popular holiday foods. Below are popular holiday foods that might contain allergens:

  • Self-basting turkey: soy, wheat, dairy
  • Holiday cookies: eggs, dairy, wheat, nuts
  • Salad dressings: eggs, dairy, soy
  • Pies: wheat, nuts, dairy
  • Sauces: eggs, dairy, soy

You deserve to enjoy your holiday gatherings. One way to do this is tell the hostess about your food allergies before the event. Another option is to bring an allergen-free dish that you know you can eat safely to share with others.

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