Eight reasons to feel confident about choosing the Midwest Allergy Relief Center

  1. Our warm, caring and attentive staff welcomes you. We want your experience to be as comforting, encouraging, and reassuring as possible.
  2. We provide a comprehensive assessment to determine the food and environmental stressors that may be triggering you or your child’s symptoms.
  3. If you or your child is under medical care for allergies or sensitivities, we work with your medical doctors to coordinate our treatments with your western medical care. If you have chosen to seek only alternative choices, our natural treatments are very effective when used alone.
  4. Only Illinois Licensed and National Board Certified healthcare practitioners, with advanced specialization and training in AAT, will treat you.
  5. We are passionate about helping adults and children achieve their optimum level of health.
  6. We know children. We are more than a wellness center offering treatments for allergies and sensitivities. We are compassionate professionals who are highly trained and know how to work with children. Half of our practice is pediatric. We have worked with hundreds of infants and small children as well as pre-teens and teenagers. We are also parents and grandparents.
  7. We are constantly sharpening our clinical skills through continuing advanced training and education. Thus, you are guaranteed the best, most up-to-date care available anywhere.
  8. The treatments are painless and non-invasive. No shots. No needles. No drugs. No herbals supplements. No avoidance. Just results.